Married in 2001, Chris and Deb Colitas have had the  pleasure of running multiple businesses together. As serial entrepreneurs, they have found great joy in providing products and services to others while adding jobs to the Lehigh Valley. If you have eaten a gyro at an IronPigs game or gotten lost in the corn maze at Seiple Farms, you have encountered the Colitas family.

Chris Colitas

Chris's background is rooted in agriculture. Growing up locally, his family operated pick-your-own strawberry fields for many years in Northampton. By the age of 14, Chris obtained his tractor license and discovered a love for operating equipment. If it has wheels, Chris can drive it! Graduating from Penn State with a degree in landscape contracting, Chris honed his talent of plant growth and cultivation for over 15 years.

After entering into the restaurant business in 2010, it quickly became apparent that buying fresh local produce was not the easiest task. This is when Chris began planning - why not grow it locally and sell direct?

Jump ahead to today, and fresh strawberries and tomatoes are ready for you! 

Deb Colitas

At Valley Fruits & Veggies, Deb can be found doing a little bit of everything alongside Chris and managing the crew. In being a part of the farm, Deb also has the privilege of combining her professional world where she works promoting technology in agriculture. 

Valley Fruits & Veggies just may be the only farm where you can connect to free wi-fi while picking your strawberries! Please help our farm by sharing your experience on Facebook.




Our Crew

There is no doubt that you will see Calli and Nico running the register, out in the field,  or feverishly completing homework prior to hoping in the tractor with Chris. They are known for happily working for ice cream and promises of a swimming pool at the end of a hot day.  

We are excited that our children know what work is, and understand not only where their food comes from, but what agriculture really is. Valley Fruits & Veggies is just a small corner in the Lehigh Valley, but we are very proud to be here serving the community.